Photons shape our visible world. A daily odyssey of light, from Sun to Earth. They hit their destiny at three hundred thousand kilometers per second, colliding onto the fractal geometries of our planet’s surface. They bounce, diffuse, inform and fuel terrestrial life, their raw and simple power giving meaning to our human endeavors.

My name is Gabriel Michael Brandt and I’ve been capturing a couple of these light particles on my camera’s sensor for the past three years.  To me photography embodies a perfect balance between art and technology. I understand fashion as a culmination of ever more complex social expressions, an important part of what we call “culture”; Culture being a fairly recent achievement in the chronology of humankind. With the advent of technology we’ve freed ourselves from the shackles of survival. More than ever we have time to reflect, learn and create.

If you happen to share my enthusiasm for these little light particles please contact me!
I can be reached at (347) 742-5052 or you can send me an email through the form below.

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